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Malatesta’s Carnival of Blood
Thing from the Attic...

Spectacular 12-page in-depth cover-story and write-up in the December, 2009 issue of Video Watchdog delves into the forty year history of our artsy low-budget horror film that somehow still remains un-dead.

"Malatesta’s Carnival of Blood …looks like almost nothing else, with a handmade, collage-art-of-the-damned design that resembles the Manson Family remaking Magical Mystery Tour in the aftermath of a circus train derailment."

"Speeth obviously opted for visual audacity over linear storytelling… Modern viewers would be more inclined to words like 'psychedelic' or 'trippy.'"

"Malatesta's most striking features are undoubtedly its sets. A fever dream of craft fair cast-offs and repurposed garbage, the cavernous interiors resemble a collision of Warhol's Factory and a Coney Island sideshow. .."