About the Director, Christopher Speeth

Sheridan Speeth in his Study, 1960s

Christopher Eric Speeth started his theatrical training with his three brothers under K.Elmo Lowe and Esther Mullen at the Cleveland Playhouse where he performed in many plays on stage, radio and television. He appeared in Carson McCuller’s Member of the Wedding at The Karamu House with his brother Jeffrey who had a leading role alongside Ethel Waters. Later, at Kenyon College he won a dramatic competition by directing Wozzeck.

Mr. Speeth went to Philadelphia where he started the Philadelphia Theatre for Children and became known for staging hundreds of classical plays ranging from early Greek Satyr Plays to contemporary plays by Samuel Beckett, Ionesco, Jonathan Kleinbard and Chandler Brossard together with a staff of fifteen people in the old Drew-Barrymore House which later became the Friends Neighborhood Guild. During the Sputnik scare of the 60’s, he worked with Jerome Bruner of Harvard University in developing educational materials for children.

He studied film under Solomon Wishnepolsky (Worth) at the Annenberg Center of the University of Pennsylvania. He subsequently produced many experimental shorts and documentaries including:

The Festival dei Popoli in Florence and the Robert Flaherty film seminars also screened his documentary, Eakins on the American painter, Thomas Eakins. Eakins was given rave reviews in Variety by Gerald Pratley after a screening at the Stratford Festival in Ontario. Eakins is in the permanent collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Documentary footage taken by Mr. Speeth has appeared on many TV specials including most recently America’s Most Wanted, Final Justice, & NightLine.

Press Comments About the Director

“Speeth has lifted the horizon to the loftiest levels of literary and artistic achievement and has made an exemplary success of it.” --Time Magizine