Joint Custody Agreement Forms Kentucky

The Sample of Joint Custody Agreement Forms Kentucky Printable No Registration Needed
The Sample of Joint Custody Agreement Forms Kentucky Printable No Registration Needed

Joint custody agreement forms kentucky – Deciding what style of custody agreement is ideal for your child and custody situation can be hard. Let’s explore the main variances between sole and joint arrangements to give a better idea or which agreement will fit your situation best.

{Sole Child Custody Agreements

{There are two different types custody, legal and physical. A sole custody arrangement may establish a couple of things. Legal custody refers to any authority parents need to make decisions and have responsibility for a child. Physical custody refers to real time each parent needs to spend with a child. One parent may have sole physical custody of a child, which means that the child’s primary care and residence is with that parent. If a parent has sole legal custody of a child, that parent has the right to make all legal decisions for the child including decisions about medical care, spiritual beliefs and education.

{A sole custody agreement negates the need to work out issues of visitation. Issues like how transportation is managed for visits, how changes are made to the visitation schedule, if the right of first refusal should be part of the agreement are all issues which needs to be addressed.

{Joint Child Custody Agreements

{A joint arrangement is made when parents share legal and physical custody of the child. Every parent cares and has the child in their home for a substantial period of time (though it may not be split evenly ). As part of a joint arrangement, both parents are involved in raising the child.

{One parent may pay child support as part of a joint agreement and both parents agree to discuss other expenses for their child. An effective joint agreement should detail how financing of raising the child is handled. There may also be provisions which assist the plan work more efficiently. Provisions may include information about how to resolve disputes, how changes are made to the agreement and how transport is worked out. Take a look the sample of joint custody agreement forms kentucky below at the attachment page.